Information On Roofing

When it comes to home maintenance, one of the most often overlooked areas of the home is the roof. Why? The roof is often overlooked because, unless it is leaking, homeowners simply assume that all is well. Unfortunately, neglecting roof maintenance until leaks develop means that months if not years of damage have been occurring and repairs will be much more expensive. Think about this for a moment:

One evening during a late summer thunderstorm, you notice a small, wet patch in the corner of your living room ceiling. The next morning you contact a roofing repair company, who sends out a technician to inspect your roof. What he discovers is that a small piece of shingle has been missing for quite some time, allowing a portion of the understructure of the roof to be exposed to moisture as well as UV radiation for an extended period of time. This has caused rotting and warping of the material, which has allowed moisture to penetrate into the attic space, causing mold to form and the rafters to begin the same warping and rotting process. Over time, the water has continued to seep into the understructures of the roof, causing mold growth and rotting until it has finally made its way to the sheetrock covering your living room ceiling where you now see the leak. In order to repair the structure so that it is safe and structurally sound, you are faced with not only having to replace your entire roof, but many of the substructures of the roof must also now be replaced as well as bringing in a mold expert to remove the mold to prevent respiratory problems later on. It’s now a very expensive and expansive process that could take weeks to complete.¬†You may want to check out roofing products for more.

However, all of this could have been prevented with a simple visual inspection of the roof a few times a year. By taking a look around your roof several times a year, you can not only spot potential troubles spots and make the necessary repairs before they become bigger problems, you can also determine the integrity of the rafters, slats and other substructures by feeling for soft spots in the roof. This simple, 15 minute process has the ability to save you thousands of dollars of costly repairs and can help you protect your health and that of your family.